The 'Star Wars' prequels were coming to an end, the US was gaining their own 'Office,' and Coldplay released their third studio album, 'X&Y,' not knowing someone who'd soon grow up idolizing their ways was being born. That someone was David Raynolds.


The Canadian-born singer/actor found himself immersed in music early in life, playing and composing on a toy piano at one-years-old. His compositions sensibly melodic and in key. From the beginning, he’s enjoyed listening to classical composers including Vivaldi, Beethoven, Mozart and pop/rock bands like Queen.


David is a consummate professional and takes his music very seriously. Recently David released a series of original songs (Nuclear, We Are The Voice, Ionize, Generator, Over and Out) for his audience promoting hope, happiness, the bright side of human’s life.


Building a good Radio and Charting History, The Canadian young Independent music artist and Award-Winning actor David Raynolds appreciation continues more and more internationally. Many of his songs such as “This is The End” (Hollywood Music in Media Awards  NOMINEE), “Nuclear, “Ionize”, “Generator”, “Over and Out” were rotated worldwide by many radio stations and DJs and were respectfully charted in The US National DRT and The Euro Indie Charts, as well as in many DJ pools and platforms including “Music Worx”, and still going stronger and stronger!